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by Kyle McDonald (Stories of Grace)

As I put my hand on the lever of the door, I heard a very clear and strong voice in my head say, “Don’t open the door.” Unfortunately, my comprehension of the message came a nanosecond too late to prevent me from pushing the door open.

by Richard Dayanand Salva (Biography, Stories of Grace)

This was my first experience of Sri Yukteswar’s vibration through his past life as Lanfranc, and it was so tender and beautiful that I have remembered my meditation in that place ever since. I have had other reminders of Sri Yukteswar’s unutterably sweet vibration since then.

by Mary Kretzmann (Stories of Grace)

Why is one saved from suicide? In his heart of hearts, he was a good man driving a red truck, and his true colors came out (although reluctantly at first) even in his darkest hour. By saving us, he saved himself.

by Kalamali Church (Stories of Grace)

During my first days in North Carolina, I often found myself in the crossfire of distrust between my father and aunt. Although my grandfather was now facing serious challenges, their unresolved feelings toward each other made it difficult for them to agree on how best to help him.

by Marlon (Rajananda) McConner (Stories of Grace)

I shouted out in a voice foreign even to me; it resonated down to the depths of my soul, “God, Christ Jesus, I DID NOT COME TO INDIA TO DIE!”

by Vijay Fontaine (Stories of Grace)

Although the trail to the bus was very slippery with rivulets of water running down the hill, the boy was effortlessly climbing upward. It was almost as though he was flying up the rocky slope.

by Warren Chester (Stories of Grace, Swami Kriyananda, Wisdom in a Nutshell)

According to Pentecostals, yogis like Swami Kriyananda were going to Hell. But all my prayers brought nothing. Kriyananda produced.

by Swami Kriyananda (Paramhansa Yogananda, Stories of Grace, Wisdom in a Nutshell)

Yogananda said inwardly to himself, “Satan! How often has he tried to win me. This time it was with the offer of social prestige!”

by Kamala Silva (Paramhansa Yogananda, Stories of Grace, Wisdom in a Nutshell)

Master said, “I could walk on fire and fill every auditorium with curiosity-seekers, but what good would that do? People need to love God.”

by Swami Kriyananda (Stories of Grace, Swami Kriyananda, Wisdom in a Nutshell)

What’s important here is that it’s possible to adjust our concept of time to our actual needs. We can narrow time, or expand it.

by Kalamali Church (Spiritual Development, Stories of Grace)

I had seen Divine Mother in moments of beauty and joy. Now She was showing me that even in my darkest moments, She remained with me. I didn’t need to hide anything because, in Her great compassion, She loved me unconditionally.

by Kyle McDonald (Spiritualizing Daily Life, Stories of Grace)

There I was just another speck of humanity, unnoticed and left alone on the corner of 39th street and 6th Avenue in New York City, having a divine experience that profoundly changed my life. From that moment on, calmness descended upon me, and I knew that every minute of my life had unfolded perfectly.

by Nayaswami Asha (Stories of Grace)

When I found myself horizontal in the air going backwards, I rotated my body to face into the fall and saw that I was going head first down a long steep stairwell. Then I heard a voice of power like I have never heard before. “Oh! God! NO!”

An Interview with Brahmacharini Brindey (Spiritual Development, Stories of Grace)

When I “came to” I realized to the core of my being that all I needed to do was accept the gift of sobriety and say YES to it and to life, and God would take care of the rest!

by Paramhansa Yogananda (Paramhansa Yogananda, Stories of Grace)

The humble wife said, “Suddenly I saw all my thoughts awakened in the dark temple of my mind, and they rebuked me, seeming to say, ‘You can’t eat the bananas alone. We are all watching you.'”

by Clarity Magazine (Stories of Grace)

Dear Swamiji, I love you, and will miss you! But I’ll carry your words with me, which you said when I asked how I could serve Master better: “Love him with all your heart. Don’t worry about the details — the love, that’s the important part.” Nabha Cosley, Ananda Village

by Nayaswami Maitreyi (Spiritualizing Daily Life, Stories of Grace)

Beloved, we have come to a place together, where it is very difficult to leave Your presence. How difficult it was, at the beginning of this journal, to hold You for very long. You have made Yourself so delightfully delicious to me that I do not want to withdraw from You. It is easier to will myself into Your presence than it is to will myself out of it, once in.

by Anna Shapiro (Biography, Stories of Grace)

I had been attending yoga classes for about two years when three men in dark suits appeared one day and arrested our teacher. Everyone knew that someone from the class had betrayed him by reporting him to the KGB. Later we learned that our teacher had been arrested for distributing the yoga literature he had translated.

by Nayaswami Diksha (Spiritualizing Daily Life, Stories of Grace)

I came to realize that the God I believed in was a Jewish God, and that my entire self-identity was wrapped around that concept. Each step of the way was like shedding a layer of myself.

by Tyagini Shanti (Spiritualizing Daily Life, Stories of Grace, Yoga and Science)

My Guru guided me into medicine and he has been with me ever since. In my practice I ask for guidance all the time. As long as I remember to ask for help, it comes, and miracles happen.

by Tyagini Lisa (Stories of Grace)

The drama began when my husband, Brian, phoned his longtime friend Andrew, whom he hadn’t heard from for awhile. Andrew sounded very strange on the phone, and Brian could tell something was wrong.

by Paramhansa Yogananda (Paramhansa Yogananda, Stories of Grace)

The mother squirrel’s dynamic will, perfected in attunement with the divine will in former incarnations, had prepared her to continue her strange activity as long as the world endured.

by Nayaswami Anandi (Stories of Grace)

As early as I can remember, Mom’s greatest dread, and therefore mine, was that she would become incapacitated and have to live for many years in a nursing home.

by Hridaya Atwell (Stories of Grace)

The secret gift of the loss of a loved one is that you get catapulted into a world of expansive love. Along with feelings of deep human loss, I have experienced the gift of that boundless love.

by Daniella Nitya Ferrari (Stories of Grace)

A year after receiving Kriya Yoga initiation, I went through one of the most challenging times in my life as an attorney. I was appointed by the court to represent an emotionally disturbed woman whose teen-age daughter had been removed from her care.

by Diksha McCord (Stories of Grace)

Inwardly I asked Yogananda whether I should try hang gliding and was surprised to feel his stamp of approval in my heart. I tried to visualize myself hang gliding high above the ground—and the fear returned. Nevertheless, I decided to try it.

by Nakin Lenti (Biography, Stories of Grace)

Millions of people saw the stigmata and witnessed Therese’s weekly visions of Christ’s passion and death, among them, Paramhansa Yogananda in 1935. Yogananda later revealed that Therese had been Mary Magdalene in a past life, and for this reason, was blessed with Christ’s wounds and the weekly visions.

by Paramhansa Yogananda (Paramhansa Yogananda, Stories of Grace)

In India, there once lived a God-loving saint and his wife. Continually he would ask himself whether he loved anything more than God.

by Bharat Cornell (Spiritualizing Daily Life, Stories of Grace)

For us, Gurupod’s visit was a thrilling message from God.

by Nakin Lenti (Biography, Stories of Grace)

Bernadette Soubirous emerged as a visionary at a time of growing nineteenth century religious skepticism. Many believed that the new scientific age would sweep away religion “like cobwebs in a musty closet.”